Gisher (Gagat) bracelet


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Although Gisher is included in the list of stones, it is not a mineral. Gisher stone (fossilized) wood (fossil coal). It is a semi-precious stone of organic origin, this list also includes amber, coral, pearl and sandstone. Gisher’s second name in Georgian is “Sati”.

This stone is very sacred and in demand in Georgia.

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Extraction sites

Gisher was mined in England about 180 years ago, before that it was quite popular in Rome. Scotland is one of the main suppliers of Gisher today.

Georgia is also distinguished by Gisher’s abundance. The most famous deposits in Georgia are in Kazbegi district, Zemo Svaneti and Shoda mountain.

“Archaeological materials show that in the Bronze Age, the production of beads from Gishri was already mass-produced. Georgian Gisher and Gisher products were exported and passed far from Georgia in ancient times. Gisher has always loved the Georgian people and has not lost this love for centuries. Gishri’s noble glow perfectly matched the refined taste of the Georgian woman, her plain, unpretentious attire and jewelry. “


As esotericists say, Gisher has cleansing energy. Its vibration brings calm and purity to a person’s life. Gisher has long been used to protect against the eyes and eyes. It is also quite powerful against energy vampires. Gisher brings financial stability. It used to be worn as a pendant (in silver). Today, Gisher is mostly worn as a bracelet. They often make crosses and crosses. Esotericists say that when the owner wears Gisher, he cleanses it and receives negative energy on his head, so it is necessary to clean it, often Gisher breaks in half, it is often called “eye-catching”, but scientists blame this phenomenon on Gisher’s fragility.
It has long been believed that Gisher protects the owner from disease and violence. Many healers use it to relieve depression and fears, and say that if a person works with you, it will make it easier to change unwanted aspects of life.

Healing properties

Traditionally it has been used to relieve pain, epilepsy, migraine, fever, blood vessels, heart, liver, kidney and gland problems. This practice is still practiced by lithotherapists. Gisher is associated with the base chakra (Muladhara).

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